Thursday, August 9, 2007

M's Birthday

Today is our oldest daughter's birthday. She is now 18, and has lived with us since she was 13. What a bumpy, winding, and adventurous road we have been down with her. I couldn't help but think as she was blowing out her candles today, where would she be if she had not come here? The outcome thus far, may not be quite up to our expectations morally, but she may have even become a mother had she not come to live with us. She has achieved a lot in her little life since she has lived here, and for that we are proud. She has held down jobs, school, extracuricular activities, and even managed save money for a car. Happy Birthday sweet girl and may God continue to change and transform your life!!

I am headed off to Women of Faith for a weekend of rest and learning. Pray for Jonathan here at home with everyone else.


JMom said...

Have an awesome weekend. I can't wait to hear all about it!

laurenbrewster said...

Happy Birthday, sweet M. So glad she is where she is today. Her journey will be her story one day too. Just think of all the lives she can touch because a few people are giving her a chance.