Sunday, August 19, 2007

Laundry Day

So many people have asked me through the years, "how do you wash clothes for that many people?" I have to say it is a daunting task and drives me even crazier than cooking for that many people. I have tried conquering this task several ways, but have finally settled on the best plan for us. We have a laundry room with large laundry basket sized cubbies. (12 cubbies) Each person has a cubby with their name on it and each day they are required to put their dirty clothes in that cubby. Each person has an assigned laundry day once a week. This means 2 people take a day, with two washers and two dryers; this usually leaves a minimum of 4-5 loads A DAY. I have to say brag, I have taught almost all the kids how to sort lights and darks, start their laundry, fold it, etc. They do a pretty good job. Now. . . is it folded perfect, no, is it always done the way I would do it, no. But, I have had to let that go. Sometimes, I think that is pretty gross their clothes are sitting there dirty all week, just waiting to be cleaned, then I thought further.

Is it the same in my walk with Christ? Do I sit all week and wait for church on Sunday to "Get clean"? The same comparison can be made in my own life when I go through the motions of my week and forget about Christ in a daily relationship. Even though the laundry must wait for its assigned day, our walk with Christ should not wait until Sunday. I must remember the Bible tells us to take up our cross Daily and walk with Him. I can't rely on a "one day a week cleaning up" and assume that will do it. God wants me every day!!!! He desires me and wants that personal daily walk in ALL THAT I DO, not just the dirty laundry.

So. . . have you washed your clothes today?


Anonymous said...

It is after midnight, but my decision to save your blog until I had some quiet time to enjoy it,was a good decision. Tonight I am refreshed by your transparency!
Today I was reminded that King David's son, Solomon, was offered anything he wanted from God....wealth, fame, etc. But what he asked for (leading him to write Proverbs) was WISDOM. That is what I need and need to ask Father for more and more often. Wisdom. God gives you and J wisdom over and over with your family. Keep asking.....He will faithfully keep giving.

I appreciate you so much!
Betty Bergen

jennyhope said...

so great! I can't even imagine how you keep your sanity! I bet you guys have to have meetings on a regular basis. You are one woman!

JMom said...

You know I LOVE everyday comparisons. This was a great one.

Paulette said...

Ahhh yes Iam down to laundry for 2 and it is a wonderful thing!!!
Sounds like even through all the laundry you are blest.