Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Carseat

I have had it with trying to clean car seats!!! J, our youngest, really, really loves to draw while he rides in the car. One of the kids left an open ink pen in his carseat overnight. You guessed it, the next morning there was a huge ink spot. In an effort to "save" the car seat, I decided to wash the covering. Please let me tell you, go ahead friends and buy the extra cover to protect the car seat. I had to totally take the car seat apart to get the cover off. Needless to say, the amount of crumbs that fell in the laundry room from all the bumping and tossing and unscrewing fed our hungry dog. Disgusting!!! I cannot wait to be done with carseats!!! Anybody else?


JMom said...

YES! Then I might even be able to get a somewhat smaller car!!!

elizabeth said...

Amen. Uh, except I'm about to add another instead of looking forward to being done with them. I know exactly the filth you talk about. Isn't it amazing that a french fry can still maintain is exact shape and color after months of being stuck under a car seat!? And we let our kids eat this stuff?....Yes, we do..anything for a moment of silence in the car, right?

jennyhope said...

YEAH! I am so glad that you have your blog up and running. It was so good to meet you! I am glad I only stayed for Friday because I cant even take that kind of information overload!
Also, I dont even know how you have time to blog with 11 kids. You really need to get some pictures of your sweet fam up on the blog! I cant wait to see! I have no clue how you do it!