Friday, September 14, 2007

Medium Rare

Tonight as my girls were bathing in my bathroom, I have to confess, I was checking out my backside in my too tight blue jeans I had on today. Why is it that jeans are too tight in the morning, then by bedtime they are sagging? I guess it's the stretch fabric in so many jeans these days. Anyway, the following conversation takes place.
S: Mom what are you looking at?
Me: I am checking out how my bottom looks in these jeans.
S: Well, it's kinda fat, kinda not.
thanks a lot for telling me that
S: Well, Mom, I am just saying it is Medium Rare, that's all.
Me: Laughing very loud, well thanks S, I think you are Medium Rare too.

Oh, the stuff they say.
Too cute.
I love her.


Emmy : ) said...

That is so funny! I LOVE IT! PRECIOUS! I think mine is WELL DONE!!!! Emmy : )

jenn adams said...

GREAT story! I think we all have a similar story! Thanks for sharing...miss you!

Amy said...

Kids say the funniest things. Thanks for sharing that one. R asked me why "they" hang down so low and if hers would too one day. I replied, "I hope not, but they probably will".