Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Slumber Party

S, K, and Little T went to their first slumber party last night. Whew!!! Our sweet friends hosted and even made it to church with all of them. Needless to say, after naps this afternoon, the girls can't stop talking about all the fun they had. Our friends that hosted have also graciously asked for no calls after 5 PM today so they can all sleep. My girls reported they stayed up until 1 AM, hysterical. They had a blast as they got their toenails painted, lots of food and cake, movies, music, make up and great girl time. Thanks for inviting them!!!

I still remember the first time my mom let me have a sleepover. I was probably about 8 or 9 just like these girls. I remember late in the evening after numerours attempts to get us all to sleep, I overhead my mom say, "I will give a dime to whomever goes to sleep right now"!! Isn't that great!!! A dime, whew, it would take a lot more bribery to get kids to go on to sleep these days, including my 3. I am sure the stimulation of new toys and friends in a new house had all the girls so excited, not one of them could dream of falling asleep before midnight even struck 12.

They had a blast!!

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Amy said...

They look like they had a great time. I can't even imagine what pick-up would be like after something like that. I am glad they had fun.