Thursday, September 6, 2007

End of an Era

( I guess little J has to use Strawberry Shortcake swimmies, since he's the youngest after NINE sisters)

Labor Day marks the end of summer each year for many families. For us this year, it not only marks the end of a season, but an end in a big chapter of our lives. You see, Horseleg Plantation Country Club has closed. It seems to not have been around that long to many people, but oh it has. You see, originally the club was built for GE employees and was called GEAA. (Many Romans remember this) The reason I tell you this is because this is where J, my husband, swam from the time he was a small boy until this past Monday. (J even lifeguarded there in college while we dated) The original pool is still in the ground from the good ole days. Even though a beautiful golf course was updated, a club house was built, and even now a gorgeous neighborhood surrounding the fence around the pool has been added, the original property still stands as a huge memory for our family.

We joined the newly rennovated club in 1999 when I was pregnant with S. That summer, I would literally float in the pool during my summer break from teaching, she was born that next September. From that year on, the pool has been our main family outing each day. Once we started our foster home family, our outings to the pool also grew. Each trip included 13 beach towels, a ton of sunscreen, countless hot dogs and slush puppies, too many masks and goggles to count, lots of swimmies, noodles and floats have all gone away, but our fond memories of the "POOL" remain. We have no where to go now, as a private investor bought the entire club, and has "stated" he will close it. (I wish this man could have seen S's face when I told her, remember she has gone there since she was an infant) My kids have learned to swim there and I will never forget it!!!

Goodbye summer and goodbye Horseleg.

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