Monday, September 17, 2007

Quotes for the Day

The following are quotes or things I said today:
"no J. you cannot have chips for breakfast."
"I will leave here with the items I ordered 6 weeks ago!!" (after driving an hour to the Uniform store to find out our order had been taken to our school that very morning)
"They are very cute, and she is telling it hello". (after meeting a friend for coffee and noticing her daughter LOVES the balls outside of Target)
"A frappucino is like a yummy coffee milkshake"
"I need our monthly prescription of psychotropics" (to the nurse at the pediatricians' office)
"No m'am we do not need anymore dining reservations for Disney, we booked our Pooh and Princess meals long ago"
"M, do you remember if we made you pay for your class ring or did we buy it?" (As her younger sister brought home her pamphlet to order)
"Why are you all brushing your teeth and watching?" (As one is doing her science project on bacteria in the mouth-GROSS)
"No K, you may not call your friend tonight that you got in trouble with for talking during Seatwork"
"Why were there broken crayons in your bed little T?"
"4 hours of practice a week for mock trial?"
"yes, cancel the order of Men's Health!!!"
"I need to schedule to appointments for psychologicals"
"Do you think you can put pink surfboards and a hula girl on that birthday cake?"
"Yes, I will bring the photo albums by sometime soon" (pictures I ordered in early July)
"Can I call you right back, my caseworker is here" ( never called her back, sorry)
"I have no money left"(after writing out my bills)
"R, I do not want to tell you every time the trash needs to go out".
"B, can you clean up the cucumber peelings that slung all over the inside of the trashcan?"
"Don't spin him too fast, he just took is antibiotic."
"you already need new tap shoes, I just bought some in August!!"

It has been a long day, I think I have said enough


CresceNet said...
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JMom said...

I hope today was a better day!

hooter23 said...

hope you had a good day today too. so, how many kids? 11? how is it with that many?