Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mommy Came Home!!!

Mommy is home from a great weekend with dear friends from college. J ( our two year old) screamed through the house "Mommy came home!!!" once I entered the house, to which everyone came running out from every nook and cranny to see if I was really there. Too cute!!
I had a great time and love this trip each year. We have all finally realized we are just boring mommies now and love sitting around on the beach yapping much more than anything else. It was perfect!!! We had perfect weather, beautiful water, and great conversations. But most importantly lots and lots of laughter, screams, and memories.

This trip became a tradition in 1997 when we all realized after college, we had to find a time to get back together since our 96' graduation. Labor Day became the chosen weekend and each year as many of us as possible have continued to attend. Only two faithful ones have been all 11 years. (way to go C and J) Usually the only reason for not attending is pregnancy, nursing, or a very close due date. (what we give up for our children!!) Anyway, this trip continues to be a highlight that marks the end of summer, but is a reminder that good friendships never fade. We always just pick up where we left off and the most hilarious stories from college are usually re-hashed at some point every year.

Thanks L for sending the pictures. I had a great time girls and can't wait for next year. How was re-entry back into mommyhood? I love you all!! I've added a few memories for my girls out there:
-"I couldn't really remember which one was our house"
-the fact that S. S. really is famous and you can google her and none of us!!
-the fact that you can google A's big and she is dancing
-"J, there's a roach crawling on the couch right behind you"
-there were 37 children at home without us (well two were in bellies)
-let's remember an 8:45 dinner reservation is way, way past our bedtime!!

My sweet and awesome hubby had all 11 for the weekend, way to go J, I am so blessed by you.


lorisue said...

Mom of eleven,
You will not believe this....I have commented on your blog before and check your blog often. I was looking at your beach pictures and guess what.....Lisa Hobbs is my SISTER IN LAW!! I thought it was SO funny when I saw her picture. If it was not 11:30 GA time I would be calling her right now :)

Glad you had fun and what a small world.


Linda said...

It looks like you had a great time. What a good idea and a sweet husband to hold down the fort while you were away.
(I was blog surfing and came across your blog I enjoyed visiting)

Emmy : ) said...

I am SO glad you had an awesome time! You SO deserve it!!!! I thought about you all weekend! : )

JMom said...

Welcome back! What an awesome tradtion. A few of my friends tried this after college and the traition died once there was more than one baby in thr group. Good for ya'll for keeping it going!!Dying to know who SS is... :-)

amyreescooke@comcast.net said...

Only 357 days and a wake up until the next Labor Day trip. I wanna go back. Miss you.


jenn adams said...

I absolutely LOVE that you are doing this. You could not have described our beach trip any better. It is always a great time. I'm already counting down the days until next year's trip...and looking for places to stay that do not allow roaches! I'll send an email out soon with some choices.
Take care and much love,
(by the way...I LOVE that Amy signed her comment "Big")