Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Live a Life of No Regrets

Tuesday was a big day for J and I. We had the honor of attending the funeral of a dear woman to celebrate her life and journey into heaven. Our sweet friend who was a true member of the family we work for lost the 7 year battle to cancer. From the beginning she was always open, honest, and forthright about her diagnosis and her fight against the disease. After many weeks of suffering with her liver, she was sent home from the hospital, Hospice came in, and she began to tell her family, children, grandchildren and friends goodbye.
Her sweet husband told us the story at the visitation Monday night that on Friday afternoon, he was able to hold his wife's face, just as he did on his wedding day and watch her literally go to heaven. Her last words were "to God be the Glory". Her funeral was a beautiful one, although we are all sad and will miss her contagious laughter, it was precious to see her family smiling at all of the stories and moments shared by those who spoke.
We literally left there, drove two hours home to our school's benefit dinner in which we heard a phenonmenal speaker, Robert Rogers. His main message is Live a Life of NO Regrets, we do this by KNOWing God. His story is about how 4 years ago, he literally lost his entire family, wife and four children, when their van was caught in a flash flood. Their van was swept away, they were trapped, and could not get out. He was the only survivor. BUT that is not the end of the story, he speaks of true redemption and wholeness that comes in our despair when Christ takes over and makes us whole. What victory we have in death because of Christ's death for us. AMEN!!! He is now remarried and has a new baby. God is so good!!! He has a vision to open 5 orphanages across the 5 continents in honor of each family member. He just opened his first one in Russia in honor of his wife. His website is Please view it to learn more about his ministry.
Okay, so after a day at a funeral and after hearing Robert Rogers speak about living each moment as it is your last because we never know when our entire family could be gone in a second. Wow. I was so worn out last night, but hit with the emotion that I worry entirely too much with details, I MUST enjoy my children in the moments we are in each day. For the Bible does say, our lives are merely a vapor or a mist in the spectrum of eternity, PLEASE cherish each moment with your children. You never know what God's plan is or how he will use you. That could even mean tragedy could strike for the greater good of HIS kingdom.


Emmy : ) said...

I don't think I'll ever be the same after hearing that! POWERFUL! Thanks for summing it up! Emmy : )

Amy said...

I really needed to hear that. Thanks for sharing.