Friday, September 14, 2007

Rainy Days

It is a rainy day here in North Georgia. We have not had a good rain really since July. I love it. Fall is in the air, it is a bit cooler, I even wore jeans today. There is a need to turn on the lamps and indoor lighting, if I even close my eyes I can convince myself it is cold outside instead of humid. (the only con of today is that little J is feeling crummy from a leftover cold and ear infection)

I cannot wait for fall to officially be here. I even noticed myself sniffing the "fall" scented candles at Wal-mart today. Of course J said, "I mell, I mell it". He loved it too. ME picked out her Halloween costume she got so into it. (Sleeping Beauty and she ripped the top of it once we got home because she couldn't wait for me to cut it out of the cardboard) Thanks for my mom who gets to sew it up already!!! S came home from school and said, where is it from, I said Wal-Mart, she said figures, their stuff always rips. Hysterical.

Well we are enjoying our rainy day here. I hope many of you in the South are getting some of this well needed beautiful rain from God.

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