Sunday, September 9, 2007

Planning a Trip to Disney World!!!

Well, what can I say, my inner child has talked me into it yet again. That's right, we are headed to Orlando in October with 10 of our children. The kids are soo super excited and are even counting down the days on a dry erase board. I myself am getting fired up as I am heavily researching "insider tips". (Those who know me well, are you shocked?) Anyway, I wanted to let all of you know my computer time will be spent analyzing as much info on Disney as I can. Does anyone have any great tips? I would love any advice.

My favorite funny story happened when we took 11 kids two years ago. My sweet hubby, J, staked out a spot for the parade right in front of the castle, literally two hours before the parade. (Tip: take along a beach towel, then spread it out to help save your spot) Once the parade started, J, who is 6'5" stood up to video for the kids. The guy behind him said, "oh un-uh". J turned and said, "what did you just say?". I immediately said, "J, the kids are watching you." I honestly thought, oh great, here we go, they are going to fight at Disney World. About that time the guy says, "hey man, this is Disney World, we're all miserable". The two men immediately shook hands and said, "yeah, you're right, sorry". And Jonathan then squatted to accomodate the man's view. Is that not great? We'll see what happens this time. I have taken all my biological children at age 2, this will be J's first time. I can't wait to see his face!!!

Here's what we are planning so far. We have two cabins at Wilderness Resort, (that should save on food since we have two small kitchens there), we are going on weekdays in October, we have secured a reservation in Epcot for a Princess Storybook lunch (many of you know it is impossible to get into Cinderella's, so we went for the low key one. Any other tips, I would love to hear.

I will keep everyone posted and of course post photos once we get back. Wish me luck and pray for us.

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JMom said...

We are thinking about going in I will be so anxious to hear what you come up with!